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Weekly Favorites - May 10

Weekly Favorites - May 10

I have been listening to this series, and it's nothing short of cute and happy. I listened to the first one in like a day and a half (I was sewing), and then I'm almost finished with the second one. I think a third one actually came out yesterday, too! It has limited language and very little closed door scenes!

We made this for dinner on Friday night, and I was able to freeze half and take to a friend yesterday for dinner! It was fairly easy (only thing I would change would be to get a rotisserie chicken next time), and I love anything that you can make extra and have for another meal!

I love wearing dresses in summer because they are just cooler, but I have to wear some shorts under them. Karrie Locher shared these yesterday, and I will be buying them because I have some like these and they are great! Not too hot, but still you feel covered for bending and doing things with kiddos!

We had our house church over to our house on Sunday night, so Sunday morning I went to town on our deck with the ShopVac. Let me tell you, there's nothing more satisfying than sucking up dog hair and trash all morning long! If you care, we have this ShopVac, and it's been great! Highly rated on Consumer Reports if you're like our parents and love some recommendations from them.

We ordered this bike seat for Amos for the beach (and just around town) recently, and I'm so excited! We have a bike trailer, but since Owen knows how to ride without training wheels, we figured this would be a great alternative! Now, I'm trying to convince B that we need an E-Bike now since we live so close to our shops!

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