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Weekly Favorites - November 23

Weekly Favorites - November 23

1. I finished this audiobook this weekend, and I loved it. It was another 5 star read for me because I couldn't stop listening to it by the end. Also, I'm almost to the end of my reading challenge for 2022! If you want to follow along, here's my Goodreads account! 

2. I made this recipe the other night because I wanted something baked and warm. It was delicious, and I'll be making it again for sure! 

3. I am trying my hardest to not use Amazon this Christmas season, so I found this app (also just a website) that allows you to create wishlists for yourself and others. So, I made one for me, Amos and Owen. It allows people to claim items and takes you directly to the website! 

4. If I had the time and the space for this, we would definitely be buying one for puzzles! I love that it has drawers, so you can separate out the pieces! 

5. Nothing says getting old like wishing for a new pillow (ha!)! Bryson has had this one for a while, and I am thinking about snagging it before it goes back to normal price!

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