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Weekly Favorites - November 8

Weekly Favorites - November 8


I had some kid-free time this weekend, so I made a lot of things for the week and for treats/snacks! My favorite two were these: one-pot chicken stew and brown butter apple muffins!

I finished this book over the weekend, and I really enjoyed it. If you haven't noticed, I am in the season of life where I am just enjoying romances and feel good books. I don't have the mental capacity of any other genre right now!


I have decided that I want to get a Kindle Oasis for my “push present," and we recently found this website that may be able to make it super easy and affordable to get one! They dropped quite a few yesterday, but they've already sold out. So, if you're in the market for something more expensive and don't mind waiting and watching out for it, this site is for you! Bryson got some AirPod Pros for like $68. 

Here's my reminder for your holiday shopping to use this cash back app! There's an app, but there's also an add-on for your browser which makes it super easy to get cash back for your purchases! It reminds you when you go to sites that have offers. If you use my code, you will make your first purchase and get $40! 

Finally, another website you should be using is Giftful. It's a wishlist creator where you can share you wishlists and registries with family members. They make it super easy to add products and links, but my favorite part has to be the claiming of items which makes it easy to not have overlapping gifts! We've used it for birthdays and now 2 Christmases, and I highly recommend! 

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