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Weekly Favorites - October 5

Weekly Favorites - October 5

1. I finished this book over the weekend, and I am still sad it is over. It's probably in my top 5 books of the year. I loved the romance story, but I also loved that it felt more complex than a normal romance. Mack and Cleo are both setting out to find out more about themselves and end up on a very small island together for about a month.  

2. I cannot wait to dress the boys in these matching Halloween jammies! I have been waiting impatiently for them to arrive to the shop, and they arrived earlier this week! 

3. I am planning on making this cake this weekend because 1) I love pumpkin and 2) who doesn't love brown butter?! Plus this Instagram follow made me do it! 

4. We made the rotisserie chicken and pot pie recipes out of this cookbook this week, and I cannot recommend them enough! I love having one meal that makes/can make 2 meals. It makes the week a little easier.

5. Bryson has been learning a lot about feet and proper shoes/toe alignment (hello! welcome to your mid-thirties ha!), and he has been wanting a pair of these shoes. So, he snagged us both a pair in their sale recently, and we both really like them! If this sounds like something you'd enjoy learning more about, here's an Instagram account he would suggest! 

6. I need to just brag on myself for a minute because I found a double BOB stroller on Facebook Marketplace this week for a STEAL! I mean they are super expensive new, so when I found one for less than $100, I almost died! We cannot wait to grab it, so our evening walks are a little easier. Anyone else FB marketplace obsessed? Bryson probably wishes I wasn't. LOL

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