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Weekly Favorites - September 14

Weekly Favorites - September 14

1. Our basement flooded a few weeks ago when we got a ton of rain, and so I needed to get a new rug for in front our washer and dryer. So, I decided to demote the one in the kitchen to the basement, and I replaced the kitchen rug with this one! I am in love! It's the perfect size for our small kitchen, but it still is big enough to make the space feel homey! 

2. I finished this book on Monday, and I am still sad that it's over. It was definitely in my top 3 books of the year. If you need a book that's a great story with some quirks, this is perfect for you! Elizabeth Zott is a chemist in the 1950s and female, so I'll let you infer the rest of the story! I want to be Elizabeth when I grow up for sure. 

3. My favorite water tumbler is back in stock (and still available in a few colors)! I wish that there was a good excuse for me to get another one because they've updated it a little to be more spill-proof and the bottom is a little more narrow to fit into more cup holders. 

4. I heard this song on our playlist at the shop today, and it definitely took me back to our childhood TV days! It is such an encouraging song, too! 

5. I needed to snag Owen a new pair of shoes for school recently, and I stumbled upon this website. We got them in the mail on Monday, and I can't believe I got him a pair of New Balances for so cheap! I would highly recommend if you like NB for your kiddos or yourself! Such great deals! 

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