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Weekly Favorites - September 17

Weekly Favorites - September 17

1. After someone suggested these pajamas for Owen, I purchased a couple of pairs, and I love them! Buttery soft and wash really well, I'm excited for him to wear them often.

2. I got some of these from Aldi this week, and they are a great little snack! They have banana chocolate chip and mixed berry! Owen loves them, too! 

3. Every mom needs a good stain remover, and this one is my favorite so far. I love it so much it's coming to the shop soon! 

4. I cannot get enough of this album. She's so talented, and I could listen to it on repeat.

5. I'm still creating some on the side, and I am working on a project with these fabrics. They are all so beautiful, and if you put all of my favorite colors together, it would be this collection! 

6. I've started a virtual book club, and I'm excited to get started! If you love reading and want to discuss books with fun friends, check it out here!  

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