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Weekly Favorites - September 2

Weekly Favorites - September 2

1. Listening: I mentioned this last week, but you should really listen to this podcast. It's about feeling all your feelings, and it's 100% especially now when we are all going a little crazy! 

2. Reading: I have been reading this off and on for the past couple of weeks, and it is so good. It's been so helpful in how to talk to Owen already. He's only 17-months, but I know that there are better ways to talking to him than how I have been.

3. Cooking: I broke out the crock-pot and made soup for the first time this fall! This soup was delicious and super easy to throw together before heading to the shop. We enjoyed it with a half quesadilla! 

4. Homemaking: I recently got this laundry basket, and it is all my hopes and dreams in a basket. I have looked and looked for them online to sell in the shop, but I am coming up dark. So, if you know a basket maker, let me know! Because y'all need one. It will make you want to do laundry more! 

5. Wearing: I really want this dress, and I'm going to be ordering it soon. I saw it in the store last week, but they didn't have my size. I think it would look so sweet in our family pictures coming up in October.

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