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Weekly Favorites - September 13

Weekly Favorites - September 13

Bryson just finished this book, and he thought it was wild. He had no idea what was going on or where it was going. He stayed up WAY too late reading it for several nights. So, if you need a trippy thriller, this one is for you!

I saw this video this week, and it may have changed my life when it comes to cutting broccoli! Also, we made this broccoli recipe, and it's delicious!

I recently snagged these at Target, and it might be my new favorite drink! It's light and refreshing and perfect for an afternoon pick-me-up!

Owen has outgrown his baseball cleats, so I was looking for new ones online. Well, I remembered about this website, and now I just found a pair wore one time and under $20 with shipping! If you want to shop secondhand clothes, I highly recommend this website for kids! I have gotten several things and have never been disappointed. Use this code to get $5 off your first order (vei6s)!

I have an abundance of blueberries somehow in our fridge, so I plan on making these one night/day soon! I love her recipes, and I know these will be delicious, too!

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