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Winter Warmth Challenge Week 5

Winter Warmth Challenge Week 5

A Night at The Movies

There's nothing like popcorn and a good movie!

Pop it up in your air popper, stove pot, open flame, whatever it takes as long as it's not the microwave :). There's nothing like the warm crackle and creak they make as they settle in the bowl. Salty fingers and maybe a slightly melted m&m or two if you're feeling adventurous. Popcorn makes a night in supremely better.

Maybe it's time to ignore netflix and find one of those classics you've been meeting to watch. Our town still has a video rental store stocked with the good stuff, Tombstone, Raiders of the Lost Ark, Casablanca, You've Got Mail, etc. 

This week's challenge, Movie night in! Make a big deal of it! Build a fort around the TV or Laptop Screen, leave the cellphones in the kitchen and gather around and watch the story unfold. 

Tiny Tender, the Best Popcorn You've Never Had.
Bryson's family is from northern Indiana and boy do they love popcorn up there! We always make it a mission to stop at our favorite popcorn stand (yes a real popcorn stand) to grab several pounds of the good stuff, Yoder's Tiny Tender. Yes, tiny kernels, big flavor. There's barely a hull left when it pops!

Lucky for you, we have a whole bunch of it in our inventory
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