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Bryson's Favorites So Far for Being a Dad

Bryson's Favorites So Far for Being a Dad

1. You are gonna need a whole lot more energy especially changing all those diapers in the middle of the night.  This vitamin has made all the difference in my energy levels. 

2. I'm really picky about clothing when it comes to diaper changes. I like easy "butt access." These have been my favorite ones so far. 

little boy cloud island onesies
3. I love sparking water, and this one is a nice reward at the end of a long day of spit up and poop. 

topo chico sparkling water

4. We don't bathe Owen every day, so when I'm doing our bedtime routine, I use one of these to wipe underneath his chin and face. 

babo botanicals 3-in-1 calming wipes
5. Babywearing is not just for moms. I really enjoy walking around the square and the block at home wearing Owen in this carrier

happy baby linen carrier

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