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My Favorite Christmas Gifts of 2023!

My Favorite Christmas Gifts of 2023!

I enjoy getting to see what others get for Christmas, so here are my top 4 gifts I got for Christmas this year! 


A friend of mine had raved about these sheets, and then I saw someone on Instagram rave about them, too! So, when I caught them on sale, I got my mom to purchase us a pair for Christmas! They are amazing! So soft and came with 4 pillowcases which is like a dream! 


This was the year that we needed some new things to update our bedding, so I asked for this quilt for our bed. Santa came through, and I can say that it's a dream for sure! It's not too heavy and made from all cotton (which is important if you sleep hot). I have been wanting one for years, so now we have one!


I got this water bottle, and I love it. The locking feature is important when you have kiddos who steal your water all the time. I also love the straw feature! 


I haven't used this yet, but I have a puzzle waiting to be put together on it! I'm so excited about this table. It's perfect for people like us who live in small houses and have kiddos. We can slide it under the couch until we have time to work on it again. 


Okay, and a bonus recipe because I made this for my family's Christmas celebration, and it was delicious! Thanks @sharonsaysso on Instagram! I cannot recommend enough! So easy, and the longer it sits in the fridge the better it gets. Make it for your New Year's gatherings this weekend! 

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