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July 11 - Weekly Favorites

July 11 - Weekly Favorites

Cremo Lavender Shaving Cream

1. I honestly hate shaving my legs, but this shaving cream has changed my mind (a little bit).

Sky Genius Rechargeable Stroller Fan

2. Last week before the 4th, I knew I needed to get a stroller fan for Owen, and we have really enjoyed this one! It lasted a LONG time before we needed to charge it. 

Clear Blue Light Blocking Glasses

3. I have had strange eye pain and blurriness in my left eye almost every day since having Owen. I honestly think it's the amount of time on my phone (you know feeding a baby), so I found these blue light glasses on Amazon. I have really enjoyed them so far, and they didn't break the bank. 

Just Mercy

4. Bryson had the opportunity to travel on a Justice Journey to Alabama the past couple of days with the Stand Together Fellowship in Columbia. They learned more about civil rights and the movement that is still happening today. He had to read this book, and he recommends everyone reading it to learn more about how far we still have to go! 

Chrissy Teigen's Banana Bread Recipe

5. Y'all. I love banana bread. And this is the best one around I think! Our sweet friend, Lucy, made it for us when Owen was born, and it was my favorite thing someone brought us. It's delicious, and you MUST add the salted butter when you serve it. 

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