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Weekly Favorites - December 20

I now can confirm this heating pad is everything I hoped and dreamed of! It's super big, and the washable cover is everything!

I asked a bunch of my friends about postpartum pajamas/loungewear, and the votes were all for these pajamas. I can confirm that the regular ones are amazing, so I just need to bite the bullet and purchase the maternity/nursing ones.


We have a learning tower for our kids, but honestly it is huge in our tiny kitchen. So, we have opted for these stools, and they are a game changer. Amos is getting one for Christmas, so the boys don't have fight over them anymore.


Owen has been asking for a wallet now for a while, and I just have never made it happen. So, I finally remembered and snagged this one for him. I also got this one for Amos because it felt like something he would grow into for sure!


We got these sound machines in the shop, and I am going to have to snag one for Baby Sister because we love sound machines especially when we are out and about!

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