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Weekly Favorites - April 14

Weekly Favorites - April 14

1. Reading - I have been a beast at reading lately (there's so much heavy, so it's been my escape), and I really enjoyed this book. Let me just go ahead and say that it was a little more on the open door romance side of things (meaning things get a little steamy). So, if that's not your jam you may not want to try it out, but if you love NPR, you'll especially love it. 

2. Listening - I've been listening to this book, and it is wrecking me in the very best way. I highly recommend it if you are looking to expand your knowledge in wanting justice for all. 

3. Wearing - I snagged these shorts from Target the other night, and I'm in love. We are heading to the beach at the end of the month, and I'm excited to have some comfy shorts for our trip. 

4. Eating - I snagged these the other night when I was alone at Target, and I am in love with them. They weren't super sweet, but just enough to be delightful. Y'all know I can't do a ton of dairy, so these were perfect for us! 


5. Washing - I have been using this soap, and I'm in love. I want to carry it in the shop, but it's $10 a bar. And I know some people don't love spending that much on soap. It doesn't dry my skin out, and it smells amazing! 

6. Wearing - Owen has very light hair (obviously), so I've been really worried about his scalp burning. I found this sunscreen, and I really have enjoyed it so far! He doesn't seem to mind me spraying it on his head, and it seems to work! It smells nice, too, which is a bonus! 

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