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Weekly Favorites - August 7

Weekly Favorites - August 7

bibs usa pacifier

1. Owen only takes a pacifier when he really needs it (falling asleep or wanting to eat and can't). We used the ones from the hospital at first, but now he likes the best which I'm thankful for because they are cute! 

veronica mars on amazon prime
2. We have started watching this show when Owen goes to sleep, and we really like it so far. Also, it's a throwback to our high school days, so that makes it even more fun! 

aldi salted caramel dark chocolate
3. These are super delicious and the perfect after dinner treat! 

trader joe's pop up sponges
4. For some reason, these are my favorite sponges ever. I have tried all kinds, but I keep coming back to these. 

echo show 5
5. We got one of these on Amazon prime day, and I'm loving it in my studio while I work. I can watch Andy Griffith until my heart's content! We also just recently got one for the kitchen (happy birthday to B), and it's going to be so useful in the kitchen.

noelle nashville hotel
6. We stayed here this past weekend, and it was so lovely! The details of the hotel were amazing! We also ate here, and it was SO GOOD! We highly recommend it. I'm still thinking about the salmon kabobs. 

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