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Take an Extra 20% OFF clearance Use code: EXTRA20
Weekly Favorites - Beach Edition

Weekly Favorites - Beach Edition

We just got back from the beach, so I'd thought I would share a few of our favorite things we had for Owen or ourselves at the beach! 

Ikea Beach Tent

1. This tent is a game changer. We borrowed ours from a friend, and it was well worth it. We are totally thinking about purchasing one for ourselves because it made the beach enjoyable for everyone.

travel high chair

2. Since Owen has started eating table food, we knew we would need some sort of high chair to take to meals with us. This one was perfect, and the carrying bag made it so easy to take to restaurants! 

travel sound machine

3. We've talked about this a BUNCH but seriously, it's a necessity when traveling. Owen slept in the car with it going and then slept every night with it, too! 

long iphone cord

4. A long iPhone cord is a must when traveling as well! We bought these a while back, but they were amazing when you have no idea how many plugs you'll have. 

ergo baby carrier

5. We use this all the time, but it especially made travel so much easier. We would put Owen in It when we weren't sure how much room we had in certain places or when we went on walks on the beach. We love how supportive it is and being hands-free is AMAZING.

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