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Weekly Favorites - December 15

Weekly Favorites - December 15

Because my life is not crazy enough, I decided to make cookie boxes for our neighbors this year as their gifts. But it's been fun to plan them out and make them if I'm being honest. My favorite recipe so far that I've made has been these! They were super easy to mix up, and they smelled like brownies. If you have a favorite cookie recipe, send them my way! I love making new ones all the time! 


I got these little tins to put all the cookies in, and when we went to the store on Saturday, they still had quite a few!

I snagged a bunch of outfits for Baby #3 during Angel Dear's sale. If you use the code JOY, you save 50% off their holiday prints and their markdowns!


I asked for a pair of these based on the recommendation of Naptime Kitchen, and I'm really hoping I get them!


This Kindle page turner is also on my Christmas list because I know it would come in handy when it's cold and don't want to move my arms to turn the page (a very big first world problem - lol)!

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