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Weekly Favorites - December 7

Weekly Favorites - December 7

We made this casserole on Monday night, and it was super easy and delicious! It's like a more upscale version of hashbrown casserole, and you probably already have a bunch of the ingredients on hand!


I made homemade meatballs on Tuesday, and I vowed that I needed to add this to my Christmas list. I don't mind chopping vegetables, but this seems like it would help with my consistency a smidge!

I don't drink a ton of sodas, but this came out this year, and I'm hooked. I especially love the tiny cans because it doesn't feel like too much!

I have to use this lotion multiple times a day along with my Gloves in a Bottle in order for my hands to not crack and bleed during the winter! I've been consistently using this combo for over a year, and it works wonders!


Our advent calendar has started (obviously) and last weekend one of our projects was to make salt dough ornaments! Here's the recipe I used. I honestly think that mine was a little dry, so next time I will add some more water (as it says to do). I started this tradition last year, and we continued it this year to make a handprint Santa. It makes my heart swell seeing how much their hands grow each year!

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