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Weekly Favorites - February 19

Weekly Favorites - February 19

where the crawdad's sing

1. I finished this book this week, and I stayed up way too late a couple nights in a row. But I couldn't put it down, so if you're in need of a good book, this one is for you! 

bosch 500 series dishwasher

2. I have been wanting a new dishwasher for a LONG time. Our old one was fine, but would go through spells of not cleaning our dishes very well. So, this weekend when it was a sale holiday, we went to Lowe's and stumpled upon this one in the scratch and dent section...and let's just say, I feel real fancy now. It's amazing and comes highly recommended if you need a new one! 

glossier milk cleanser

3. Since I got pregnant, my skin has taken many different personalities, and I've had to be creative when it came to products that I could use. I got this for Christmas, and I have really enjoyed it. It's not too harsh on my skin, but it cleans my skin well, too.

grimm's rainbow stacker

4. We got this sweet toy for Owen for Valentine's Day, and he loves it so far. He especially loves knocking it down when you stack them into a tower.

bombas men's socks
5. I got these socks for Bryson for Valentine's Day, and he loves them so far. He says he can tell a difference in their quality than other socks.

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