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Weekly Favorites - January 15

Weekly Favorites - January 15

thievery eo rollerball
1. I've been sick for a couple of weeks, and I've been using this at night to help fight the germs away!
one day in december paperback book

2. I got this book at a book exchange for Christmas, and it is so good so far. I need to start going to bed a little earlier, so I can read more of it! 
aerie desert sweatshirt
3. I want 14 more of these sweatshirts because I've been living in it since I got it after Christmas. 
oxo vegetable peeler
4. Bryson got this for Christmas, and we didn't realize our last one was so awful until we got this one! 
birdling weekender bag
5. I don't have one of these bags yet, but I want one even though I already have one! We love the new design and that light blue color gets me. 
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