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Weekly Favorites - January 27

Weekly Favorites - January 27

1. I know that I recently only seem to talk about books, but it's been my self-care for a little bit. So, I finished this series this weekend, and I was HOOKED. I mean I finished both books in 3 days. So, if you love royalty, Gossip girls like drama, and romance, you'll love these books. 

2. I got these highlighters after a suggestion from someone I follow on Instagram, and they are wonderful! 


3. I know I've talked about this before (in my Christmas wish list), but we have been using this pan for a few weeks, and we are both in love. We love that it has high walls, and it's completely nonstick. I mean nothing sticks to it. I got ours when they were having their Black Friday sale, but I would say overall it is totally worth the price. 

4. I plan on doing a blog post about our bathroom one day soon, but until then, you need these floating shelves somewhere in your home. They are wonderful, and I can't recommend them enough! They were the perfect addition to our bathroom reno! 

5. Bryson recently got AirPods, and I was a little jealous. I have been wanting to listen to my audiobooks while walking in the morning, so I snagged these from Amazon. They are the perfect dupe for AirPods and for the fraction of the price! My only complaint was that I didn't read the instructions, and I'm not sure what tapping the sides means and they have turned off LOL! 

Have a wonderful week! I hope you are filled with joy and peace during this season of cozy! 

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