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Weekly Favorites - June 2

Weekly Favorites - June 2

1. Decorating - I recently got one of these pennants for Owen's room, and it's absolutely adorable in person. I love that they are handmade from a small company run by a sweet family, too! 

2. Reading - I started listening to this book last week, and it's already changed my perspective of food. My MIL has gone through it several times, and I was encouraged by her new habits. So, I decided to give it a listen. I think I'll need to grab the book, too! 

3. Eating - I had had a hard week last week, so Bryson surprised me with this ice cream, and it's delicious. I can't eat too much because #dairyintolerant, but it's quite the treat! 

4. Listening - I pulled this playlist up today, and I'm really enjoying it. It's a good mix or oldies and new songs, and it's upbeat which I always love. 

5. Refreshing - I am on my phone a lot. I have 2 businesses I run and have to do their social media, but sometimes I NEED to put my phone down. This weekend, we went to Chattanooga with family, and I barely used my phone. I tried not to worry about our shops and knew the people working would be able to handle it. I didn't look at Instagram hardly at all, and I was so much happier. I would love to take a whole month off, but I'm not sure if it's feasible...but here's my little reminder, to set your phone down as often as you can and feel refreshed with how you feel! 

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