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Weekly Favorites - June 9

Weekly Favorites - June 9

1. Listening - I started following Lynzy a while back, and I have really come to love her podcast. She's all about motherhood and things related to it, and her latest series is talking to mothers in other countries about their maternal and postnatal care! I've been really fascinated how other countries take care of moms and babies, and maybe you will, too! 

2. Pampering - If you follow me, you know that I tend to always be looking for the newest and greatest thing when it comes to skincare. A couple of weeks ago, I was influenced by someone on Instagram to try this cleanser, and I'm really liking it! It hasn't dried my skin out like my last one and takes your makeup off relatively easy! Click here to shop their site and get $15 off your order! 

3. Wearing - I saw this jumpsuit in Rock Creek while in Chattanooga over Memorial Day, but they didn't have my size. So, I came home and ordered it, and I LOVE it! It's made from hemp, so it's incredibly soft! I will be wearing it on repeat all summer long! 

4. Reading - I'm currently reading this book, and I've caught myself several times laughing out loud. I've never read any of the other books from this author, but I will be adding her to my list to choose from if it continues to be as good as it is. It's about a woman with 3 young children who move to a different state, and she realizes she has lost herself during motherhood. She wants to go back and find her true self while taking care of her family.

5. Owen's reading - We went on a day date up to Nashville to some of our favorite bookstores, and I snagged this sweet book for Owen! He loves all things digger, and he's really enjoyed it so far. It's a sweet story of a digger who saves a flower and takes care of it instead of building more buildings in the big city. 

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