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Weekly Favorites - March 10

Weekly Favorites - March 10

1. Wearing - I got this dress at Target on Sunday, and now I want it in all the colors. It is perfect length to wear with sandals when it's a little warmer, but I've worn it with sneakers and it's a fun way to dress it down. 

2. Pampering - I have long lashes, but I don't have very many eye lashes. So, I've been influenced by influencers again and got this eyelash serum. I really feel like it's been working! I've used it for almost 2 weeks, and my mascara has been applying better and better. 

3. Cooking - We made something similar to this recipe last night, and it was divine. I bought some frozen meatballs at Target instead of making our own (a little life hack), and the combination of flavors was just so yummy! It even had Owen dancing in his high chair! 

4. Reading - I just finished this book last night, and I really enjoyed it. I had read some mixed reviews, so I was a little worried. It was the perfect balance of independence from the characters and romance, and the ending was perfect. I'm glad I read it! 

5. Watching - We watched this movie the other night, and it was hysterical and sweet. I have been reading the book, but I needed a physical representation of the characters to help me finish the book. We laughed a lot, and we both really enjoyed it. 

6. Decorating - I finally took my little Christmas tree down in our bedroom (don't come at me), and I needed a little lamp to replace it. I found this one at Target, and it's perfect! I love it so much! 

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