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Weekly Favorites - March 24

Weekly Favorites - March 24

1. Pampering - Okay, so if you know me, you have figured out that I love trying new products to find a new favorite. I've been in the market for a more natural mascara. I finally tried this one, and I love it so far! I love the primer you apply first, and then it stays on my eyelashes all day. Plus it's pretty easy to get off at night with just a normal cleanser! 

2. Baking - I wanted to find a recipe for a fun cake for Owen, and this one exceeded my expectations! Everyone that I gave this cake to LOVED it. It's super moist, and it's not super complicated to make. I bought the sprinkles here, and I think we just found our new birthday cake. 

3. Wearing - My friend Kate from Little Things Studio storied on Instagram about these masks, and I ordered myself and B a couple of pairs. And they are by far the best at coverage and for wearing glasses! It took a little bit to get them here, but even B likes wearing them. So, I highly recommend. I bought the regular size, but I think if I reorder, I'll try the smaller size to see if it fits me better. 

4. Reading - I finished this book on Sunday, and let me just say, it was nothing like what I expected. I thought it was going to be a story about a wedding and an influencer, but it took lots of twists and turns! I really enjoyed the body positivity aspects thrown into the whole storyline, and the ending was a good one! I borrowed this through Libby on my Kindle, and it was perfect! 

5. Listening - I am trying to read more nonfiction, and I find that I do really well with nonfiction audiobooks. So, I grabbed this one recently, and I've been learning so much. I have watched the movie, so I know the premise, but it's been really enlightening to hear the full story. We love what Bryan is doing with the EJI

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Julie - March 24, 2021

Fabulous quilt, I so love your clean and simple style! 👏 Hoping to bring my Minnesota family as well as my Arrington family to First Friday, we have three birthdays to celebrate! We will visit you for sure!
Happy Spring! 🌸🪴💕🌿🌷

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