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Weekly Favorites - March 31

Weekly Favorites - March 31

1. Watching - We are late to this boat, but we started watching Ted Lasso this weekend and are hooked! His positivity and upbeat spirit are so encouraging and feels like something we've all been wanting/needing in television! So happy to hear that it won a Golden Globe! 

2. Listening - I found this playlist on Spotify, and I have been really enjoying it. It's just upbeat and nice to have on in the background. 

3. Cooking - We bought some strawberries through a fundraiser, so we were neck deep in strawberries, so I made this scone recipe. I subbed buttermilk for the heavy cream, and I also halved the recipe. 

4. Reading - I finished this book over the weekend for our Needle and Grain book club, and it was a good book! I gave it 4 stars out of 5, and the biggest issue I had with it was the pacing and timing of things. I loved learning about the American Library during WWII. If you like historical fiction, this will be a good book for you! 

5. Pampering - I saved up my birthday money, and I finally snagged a pair of linen sheets. Let me tell you...I will never go back to regular sheets. I haven't woken up hot one night, and that's a feat for me and Bryson. I decided to go safe and not spend $200+ on them, and I snagged these from Target. They are great! I highly recommend pampering yourself and getting some nice sheets. It makes all the difference. 

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