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Weekly Favorites - May 11

Weekly Favorites - May 11

1. Reading - I finished this book just a couple of days ago, and it was a fun little treat. It's based on the premise of a plus-size influencer is the new Bachelorette, and her story of finding true love. It was a fun read and a likable read since it's body positivity themes were throughout! You definitely were rooting Bea on throughout the whole book! 

2. Cooking - We've had this recipe at Bryson's mom's house before, and they were super yummy. So, we're making them again this week for dinner! We use naan instead of pita because unless it's homemade pita, naan is so much better IMO.

3. Wearing - I got this dress kinda on a whim last week, and I'm in love. I am going to have to alter it just a smidge for it to be exactly perfect (the arm holes are a little too big), but it's so pretty! 

4. Listening - Our friend Justin has created one of the most beautiful podcasts telling stories from the Old Testament. It seriously changed my perspective on the story of Esther. I encourage you to take a listen! 

5. Sipping - I'm a sucker for a good mug, and this one is so lovely. I love the colors and the shape of it so much. We went to their retail shop when we went to Memphis, and I'm so glad to have a piece in our home.

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