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Weekly Favorites - May 19

Weekly Favorites - May 19

1. Nourishing - I started taking these vitamins after someone on Instagram recommended them, and I have really liked them. I don't love having to take 8 of them a day, but they have a lot of Vitamin D and Magnesium which are bonuses in my book. I do feel like the Magnesium is helping my sleep! 

2. Cooking - We made this recipe on Sunday night, and it was really tasty! Sometimes I forget to make salads more exciting which makes everyone eat them more! 

3. Reading - We are really enjoying this book with Owen every day! I got it for him for Easter, and we just love all the textures, flaps, pop-ups, and pull tabs for him to interact with! I can't wait to get more of them! 

4. Protecting - I got this face sunscreen to go with us to the beach, and I'm loving it so much. I've been trying to wear it every day when we are out in the sun a lot, and it's been really helpful! (I am not a Beautycounter consultant, but I do love their products!) 

5. Wearing - I got these jammies for Owen to test for the shop, and I am LOVING them! They are SO soft, and they are affordable which is a huge bonus! I am thinking they need to come to Little Neighbors asap! 

6. Reading -  I know I've talked about this before, but someone in my DMs was still confused about it. So, Libby is the best audiobook/Kindle book platform if you are a member of your library! You hook up your library card to the system, and you can check out books from your region for 2 weeks! I've saved SO much money using it with my Kindle and with audiobooks! 

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Lauren - May 19, 2021

We just ordered our first pair of little sleepies and I can’t wait! My sister in law is obsessed!

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