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Weekly Favorites - May 26

Weekly Favorites - May 26

1. Wearing - I was influenced by someone I follow on Instagram and bought this skirt recently. It is so soft and flowy, and it will be perfect for these hot summer days! 

2. Saving - My friend Lauren talked about this app recently, and I had totally forgotten about it. It's a cash back app that you connect to your purchases, and it helps you get cash back from your favorite stores! You can install the handy plug-in on your desktop or use it on your phone. Your cash back adds up, and you can even get it mailed to you! If you use my link, you'll earn $30! 

3. Planning - I got my new yearly planner last week, and I'm in love. This planner is the one that I keep coming back to! It has thick sheets, enough room in the boxes, and stands up the whole year! They are totally customizable which is amazing! I love the leather ones especially for a clean look! Here's my referral code

4. Reading - I read this book all in one day because Owen was sick on Saturday, and I really enjoyed it. It was lighthearted and not too deep which was perfect! 

5. Baking - I made this skillet blondie for us on Saturday night because we were going to a friend's house for dinner, and it was amazing! Everyone (kids included) loved it, and I will be making it again for sure! You definitely could make it GF really easily! 

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