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Weekly Favorites - May 5

Weekly Favorites - May 5

1. Carrying - I am in LOVE with this fanny pack. It has so many pockets, and it was just so easy to throw over my shoulder and wear to the beach or to a restaurant. I want to get Owen their duffle, too, because he doesn't have a travel bag yet! 

2. Reading - I'm reading this book, and I am absolutely loving it. It's been a delight because it's such a sweet relationship blooming amongst the characters. I can't wait to see how it ends. 

3. Watching - We've been watching this show off and on for a couple of weeks now, and it's actually very fascinating. It's like Great British Baking Show but with pottery! I don't have any desire to make pottery, but it's fun to watch others make and create works of art! 

4. Eating - I found this cereal at Sprouts a couple of weeks ago, and it is absolutely delicious! I like having these kinds of things on hand for after dinner "desserts" instead of something else. Have them with some oat milk or dry! 

5. Drinking - I am still having trouble sleeping, but this tea has been a nice little night cap for me. I think it does help me sleep, but I usually wake up having to use the bathroom during the night! So, just keep that in mind ;) 

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Janie Jefferson - May 5, 2021

Do the boon totes have pockets inside and hopefully a zippered one?

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