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Weekly Favorites - October 12

Weekly Favorites - October 12

I'm sure you were aware of the Prime Deal Days that ended last night, and I have mixed feelings about it all (we are make money off of the links we post from there, but also Amazon has ruined our ability to wait and check local places first in a lot of ways). But I was excited to snag this deal for our future van (we're still in the process of looking/buying). I love a car trash can, so having a little better option is exciting to me. (It's almost the same price as it was yesterday for Deal Day by the way!) 


This is also my favorite shirt that I have 2 now, and I just bought another one for wearing during my pregnancy! It's the perfect length for leggings, but it's super soft!


I'm about halfway through this book, and so far I am enjoying it. Nothing really special, but I just love a good feel good book! This one fits the bill!


This cookie mix from Trader Joe's is so, so, good! I am hoping to snag another one before the fall season is over! I can't find a link, but if you go to your local TJs look for it! 


My kids have been devouring these yogurt pouches as snacks, and I don't have to worry about the mess of yogurt either! 

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