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Weekly Favorites - October 18

Weekly Favorites - October 18

We made this soup last night, and it was easy and yummy! The perfect soup for when you need comfort food!

These are my absolute favorite pumpkin muffins to make for our family! We almost ate all of them last night when they came out of the oven. I usually half the recipe, but honestly I should have made all of them because we have loved them that much. 

This is our favorite jacket for the boys (because they are boys and don't really need heavy coats yet). They hold up so well, and we have been able to pass them down from kid to kid.

I posted about these on Instagram last night, but I thought I would add them here. I've had these slippers for almost 4+ years, and they are still kicking. I love them for when it's super cold outside or right now when I'm too frugal to turn on the heat!

We went apple picking last week, and it was a blast! You have a few days left or so to go and have your chance to do the same! The boys loved it, too!

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