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Weekly Favorites - October 4

Weekly Favorites - October 4

I made this recipe over the weekend, and we all enjoyed them! I did half with chocolate chips and half without! It was the perfect way to use overripe bananas but still welcome pumpkin baked treats into the season! I also made them muffins instead of bread, and they worked great! I just started checking them around 15 mins instead of the full time she calls for in the recipe.

I started listening to this podcast after a recommendation from The Popcast, and y'all it's wild. I am very naive when it comes to Native American history, so I've really enjoyed learning more about it and also feel so disheartened at how they were treated. (Also, spoiler alert, it has to do with The Pioneer Woman's family which is one of the reasons I listened in the first place!) 

I got these Lulu dupes last week, and I love them. I may have to buy them in all the colors because they are so comfy, and leggings are the only pants I seem to be wearing these days. 

I've been using this for the past couple of months, and it is a nice little touch of color for my lips. It's also moisturizing which is great since dry season is coming up! 

I'm excited to be doing Crocktober with The Naptime Kitchen and The Car Mom! I love a good Crockpot recipe, and I need some new ones for the fall/winter season! I'm making this recipe tomorrow, and I'm so excited to try it out! If you want to sign up, go here for more details (it's just an email with the recipe of the week for all of October)! 

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