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Weekly Favorites - October 7

Weekly Favorites - October 7

1. There's something comforting about tomato soup and a grilled cheese. We made this soup last night, and it is absolutely terrific. 

2. I am a big cardigan fan, and my sweet sister had given me a gift card to Target. So, I snagged a couple of these for myself. 

3. If you are a Great British Baking Show fan, there's a new season on Netflix! It definitely has brought a light spot to our lives the past couple of weeks! 

4. We are going to Gentry Farm this Friday, so I wanted a fall outfit for Owen. I didn't want to break the bank, so I went with the same outfit I had gotten him last year. It was actually really amazing quality, and if he gets something on it, I won't be super sad. 

5. I'm a big fan of themed books, and so I have been slowly adding to our board book collection by adding some of these sweet fall books! I've made a list of our favorites if you'd like to add to your collection, too! 

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Dawn Frazier - October 7, 2020

I love Brunswick Stew…my fav 💖

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