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Weekly Favorites - September 18

Weekly Favorites - September 18

1. I'm doing my very best to only buy a couple of new items of clothing each season (I will probably talk about this more soon!), and this was calling my name for fall and winter. I love this small online boutique! She has amazing customer service, and she truly cares about the products she sells. 

2. I don't know if you're a Downton Abbey fan, but the movie is coming out this weekend (actually premiered some places last Thursday)! I have binge watching the seasons again because I needed a little catch up session. 

3. I ordered this pair of glasses, and I cannot wait for them to arrive. I am long overdue a new pair, and I'm secretly so excited to be an old granny in them! 

4. I've been on the search for our favorite diapers (motherhood am I right?!), and I just signed up to get our first subscription box of these this week! I love their new fall prints, and if you use our link, you'll save $15! 

I5. Aldi had pumpkin back in stock this week, so I plan on making this recipe this week! I may be a basic person, but I love me some good fall treats! 

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Bethany Welborn - September 19, 2019

Hi Susan! I always love clicking through your favorite things links. Can you include the link for the dress? I think it got left out. Thanks!

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