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Weekly Favorites - September 23

Weekly Favorites - September 23

1. My lips stay chapped and my hands stay extremely dry, and these are my two favorite things for them. For my lips: lip conditioner. For my hands: all-over ointment.

2. I've been reading several parenting books, and I found that I needed some page markers to help me remember some things that I may want to come back to in the future! These are perfect, and they were affordable!

3. I can't decide what I want Owen to be this year for Halloween, but this is a cute contender! Not that I actually think we'll be doing much trick-or-treating, but it will be fun to dress up to see grandparents.

4. I've been making muffins a lot lately, and this thing is a MUST when you make muffins. It makes scooping so easy! 

5. The book club I started is going to be reading this book for the month of October, and there's still time to join in you are interested! 

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