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Weekly Favorites - September 23

Weekly Favorites - September 23

1. Autumn = soup season in our household, and we made this one last night! It was quite tasty and a crowd pleaser since Owen loves "noonles." I just added some macaroni at the end when everything was cooked.

2. I am all about baking these past few weekends, and this bread was a favorite for all of us in our home. It used my bad bananas and had chocolate and pumpkin. You can't go wrong! 

3. This might be the cutest Halloween book that we have in the shop right now. I can't handle it! 

4. I wish I would have known about this gadget about a year and a half ago, but it's amazing if your kiddo loves grapes and they are under the age of 4! It's so easy that we've even taught Owen how to use it.

5. I started reading this book a couple of nights ago, and I literally got sucked in last night. I have no idea where it's going, but it's funny and suspenseful! 

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