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Weekly Favorites - September 30

Weekly Favorites - September 30

1. I'm currently reading this book, and it is SO good. I am loving how he is building the characters while telling the present story. I've heard his other books are really good, too, so I'm going to add them to my ongoing "want to read" list!

2. My chore every night is to wash the dishes, so I've started listening to podcast/audiobooks while doing so. It's become one of my favorite parts of the day. I am currently loving this podcast because it's 30 minutes and gives you updates about current news.

3. We watched the debate last night, and these s'more cookies were a MUST. They are egg-free, so that means you can eat all the dough if you like your cookies uncooked! 

4. I have been taking Otis for walks in the morning (he's a thick boy that needs exercise), and I have enjoyed the alone time to pray and just listen to nature. But after a friend recommended this devotional app, I think it's my daily walk listen now. It's about 10 minutes, and it's a lovely breath of fresh air.

5. I recently realized that I was super unprepared for a new season when it came to Owen's wardrobe, and so I needed to quickly get him some rain boots and a rain jacket. I found these for him, and they are ADORABLE. I just love kids in a yellow rain jacket. 

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