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Weekly Favorites - October 6

Weekly Favorites - October 6

1. We had our monthly book club meeting last week, and we decided to read this book for October. I'm so excited because it has a ton of good reviews, and I have heard it's not too scary or anything which is my favorite type of mystery! Join us if you'd like! 

2. I made these for easy snacks for us, and I highly recommend if you're a fan of pumpkin! Owen said, " good, Mommy!" 

3. I snagged this shirt on Amazon the other day, and it's the best for wearing with leggings on these days where it's cooler in the AM and warm in the PM. I got black, but I'm already plotting on which color I'd like to get next time. 

4. Bryson has been loving this podcast. He's listened to one of the seasons and is currently listening to Season 2. He would love to have someone else to chat with if this is your type of podcast! 

5. I'm eyeing this dress for our family fall photos, and I love supporting small businesses like theirs. It looks so comfy and perfect to wear for most of the year! 

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