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Why You Should be Using a Solar Buddy This Summer!

Why You Should be Using a Solar Buddy This Summer!

Are you team spray sunscreen or lotion sunscreen? There are pros and cons to both options, right? Spray sunscreen is so convenient, but how much is really going on your (or more likely, your wiggly toddler’s) skin, and how much is blowin’ in the wind? Lotion sunscreen is less wasteful, but adding a thick layer of lotion to that squirmy toddler doesn’t make your job to protect their delicate skin any easier. Luckily there’s a solution to your spf sorrows—solar buddies. These handy gadgets dispense lotion evenly and mess-free, and it’s so easy that you could even hand it to your kids to use!

How Do Solar Buddies Work?

Solar Buddies are a sunscreen applicator, and trust us when we say they really will be your best buddy this summer. The top of the applicator is a reservoir for you to add your favorite sunscreen—it can hold up to 150 ml of lotion. The reservoir screws onto the applicator piece which has two parts that help to distribute the sunscreen; a roller ball to collect and spread the lotion, and a ring of sponge around the ball to help work it into your skin.

The blue cap helps protect the sponge from getting dirty when not in use, and—bonus points—the sponge is coated with an antibacterial layer to help prevent the growth of microbes. 

Solar Buddies work best with a medium to thick sunscreen. This is great news because these often give you the best coverage, and because Solar Buddies dispense a modest amount of lotion at a time, you will end up using much less and still getting the best protection!

So no more lotion-smeared hands, or splotchy sunburns because the lotion wouldn’t spread evenly. Score!

Here's a video on how to use it from Instagram!

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